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A complete resident and visitor management software package

Your Access Control System, Your Guest Management Solution

The GateHouse Solutions security gate software is the leading technology in managing access to gated communities. It is designed to continue to operate even when network connectivity is lost so that residents and visitors are never inconvenienced with long lines and compromised security. The user-friendly gate attendant workstation helps streamline visitor tracking and resident gate access by accurately and efficiently processing requests and maintaining operational effectiveness of gated community security personnel. The simple and organized design of the administrative workstation allows administrators to efficiently control the community's database. Your residents will have peace-of-mind that their information is secure and being utilized to proactively manage guest access into their community.

A Simple, Integrated Access Control Solution to Keep Your Gated Community Safe and Secure

visitor management software and security gate system

The GateHouse SolutionsTM Advantage

  1. Our customers do not pay on-going fees to access their visitor management system*
    Other providers charge a monthly or annual fee just to access their software.
  2. Our customers only enter their databases once and it integrates with third party solutions
    Other providers are just "software people", we are also "hardware people" that designed our software to integrate with other systems. Our guest management software is designed with a single database that integrates with access control systems and other property management software systems.

    *only cloud-based SaaS features require on-going fees.
  1. Our customers maintain possession of their resident and guest database
    Other providers maintain possession of their customer's database, which limits their accessibility and mobility.
  2. Our customers continue to operate when the system is disconnected from the network
    Other provider's access control software is internet based or the database is centralized on one computer. If the guardhouse loses internet connection or network connection, their security gate software can't continue to operate effectively. Our software distributes the resident and guest database to each of the workstations and continuously updates by synchronizing between each of the workstations, the administrator computer, and the web based data base (if applicable).

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