Visitor Tracking Software Systems

GateHouse Solutions® Visitor Software

The GateHouse Solutions® resident and visitor tracking system has two distinct applications. The Administrator Portal is designed for community database maintenance while the Guard Workstation provides security personnel all the tools needed for processing visitor entries.

Visitor Software Workstation for Guards

Local Guard Workstation

The user-friendly design of the Guard Workstation helps streamline visitor entry and resident gate access by accurately and efficiently processing requests and maintaining operational effectiveness of gated community security personnel. The Guard Workstation offers an intuitive screen display, easily navigated by the user via touchscreen, function key or mouse-click options. Combine this workstation with available software modules to reduce manual mistakes and expedite visitor entry.

Tracking System Workstation for Administrators

Cloud Administrator Portal

The simple and organized design of the cloud-based Admin Portal gives users the flexibilllity and convenience to manage the database from anywhere with an internet connection. Combine this portal with available software modules to help reduce the data entries performed by your property managers and free up their time to better manage your community.

License Packages

GateHouse Cloud

The GateHouse Cloud solution is a hybrid software system combining the best features of both a cloud‐based software and a traditional local‐based software. The Admin Web Portal is a cloud‐ based software that is web hosted, which allows the administrators to log‐in to the software from anywhere with an internet connection and it saves the database on remote servers. The Guard Workstation is a traditional local‐based software that runs and stores the database on the local computer, which allows the guard to continue to work during a network interruption by using information stored in a local copy of the GateHouse Solutions® database.

The GateHouse Cloud software package is a Software‐as‐a‐Service (SaaS) license, in which you will pay the implementation service fee and first year annual license upfront, then pay the annual license starting year two. GateHouse Solutions® is responsible for the application of all updates, upgrades and maintenance of software and hosting environment.

    GateHouse Cloud ‐ One

    This license package includes up to three (3) user licenses for access to the cloud‐based Admin Portal and one (1) computer license for the local‐based Guard Workstation.

    GateHouse Cloud ‐ Lite

    This license package includes up to three (3) user licenses for access to the cloud‐based Admin Portal and two (2) computer license for the local‐based Guard Workstation.


The GateHouse Solutions® visitor tracking software's extensive collection of optional modules provides complete flexibility in configuring a system for any community's needs, and can grow as your community grows.

Automated Attendant

Automated Attendant

Visitor Pass

Visitor Pass

Mobile Guard

Mobile Guard

GateHouse® Mobile Phone App

Resident Phone App

Access Control

Access Control

Visitor Check-In

Visitor Check-In

Resident E-Mail Alerts


Visitor Notification for Residents

Visitor Notification

Resident Caller Id for Community Gatehouse

Caller ID

TOPS Interface

TOPS Interface (Coming Back Soon)

Web Based Access Control Interface

Resident Web Portal

Remote Guard

Remote Guard

Driver's License Scanner for Gate Security


Community Package Management

Package Management

Resident Signature Recognition

Signature Interface

Resident and Visitor ID Badges

Resident Badging

Security video server & video capture

Video Capture

Jonas Club Software

Jonas™ Club Software Interface

Visitor E-Pass

Visitor E-Pass

Security video server & video capture

Jenark™ Software Interface

Security video server & video capture

Payment Tracking

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits of the GateHouse Solutions® Resident and Visitor System include:

  • Resident Access Control for all gates and community areas
  • Visitor Access Control with time and access restrictions
  • Printed Visitor ID Badges and Passes (Standard or Thermal paper)
  • Visitor lists for each resident
  • Standard and Custom reports
  • Ability to interface with existing Access Control Readers
  • Hybrid design with local database and cloud database
  • Additional software modules to customize your community's needs
  • One (1) Year WARRANTY on equipment and software.
  • and so much more.