Resident & Visitor Check In Software

Committed to Providing the Most Reliable Software Support

Prior to launching GateHouse Solutions, we were frustrated with the lack of support and the slow response times of the visitor check in software providers that were available. As a systems integrator, we were hearing first hand that customers really valued a reliable support team from their guest management software provider.

As a result, TEM Systems launched the GateHouse Solutions division to develop a world class resident and visitor registration software that is backed by a team that is committed to providing the most reliable software support from the smartest people possible.

Support Options

GateHouse Solutions offers a number of visitor control service options designed to fit a variety of needs and budgets. You may opt for hourly support, or one of our client agreements. Either way, you can expect outstanding technical support and guidance that have made GateHouse Solutions so successful.

Prepaid Support Plan (PSP)

Prepay for a specific number of support hours and get a discount on the flat hourly rate.

Preferred Client Agreements (PCA)

We offer several client agreements with benefits such as unlimited telephone support on GateHouse Solutions visitor check in software during regular business hours (Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays), discounts on visitor check in software upgrades as well as training.

Top 5 Tips

Prior to Calling Us

Our customers love to talk to us and we are always here to help, but there are a few steps that you could follow before calling us about your visitor check-in software. These steps could save you time and money.

  1. Please check to make sure the GateHouse Solutions computer and peripheral equipment are properly plugged-in
  2. Please check to make sure that the internet or network connection is strong
  3. Please check with your IT provider to get confirmation that the issue is with GateHouse Solutions and not some other problem (i.e. virus control)
  4. Please provide us with the numbers on the access card/credentials during your initial call to our support team
  5. Please provide us with examples of the issues you are experiencing during your initial call to our support team


Helpful Hints

If you have an updated phone list for residents and want to add new numbers to the individual resident record, here's the procedure.
  1. Open the Administrative Interface.
  2. Click on the Find icon just above RESIDENT INFORMATION.
  3. In the Search window, type the name of the resident, then click on OK.
  4. The name of the resident will appear in the SEARCH RESULTS window. Double click on the name.
  5. The resident's record now appears in the RESIDENT INFORMATION area of the Administrator screen.
  6. Click on the Phones icon located in upper right of the screen.
  7. A PHONE LIST window will open. Click on the Add button.
  8. In the window that opens, click next to the left parenthesis in the first line. Type in the area code and the phone number.
  9. In the Comments box, it is very important to type the information about the phone number added (cell phone, name of relative, etc.) so the guard knows who to ask for.
    **Be sure to click in the box next to ENABLE RECOGNITION BY VOICE SERVER iif you want the system to recognize this number during the caller ID validation process.**
  10. Click on the Save button or press the Enter key.
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for other numbers you want to enter.
  12. If you want to delete a number, click on the number to highlight it. Then click the Delete button.
  13. When you have finished adding and/or deleting numbers, click on the Done button in the PHONE LIST window.
  14. Repeat Step 2 for each resident record you want to update.
Now when a resident uses the voice server system, the program will search all the numbers you have designated by checking ENABLE RECOGNITION BY VOICE SERVER for a match.
The synchronizer facilitates the sending and receiving of information between workstations. The community guards should know whether or not this is occurring successfully, assuring that information is being updated on a regular basis for secure visitor control. This can be accomplished by adding a dummy 'resident' to your resident database, then using this record to track information transfer.

First, in the administrator program, your administrator must set up a record for this 'resident', naming it Test Sync.
  1. On the Administrative Workstation screen, click on the Unit icon (a little house) at the far left of the top of the screen under Logout.
  2. The screen will remain the same, with all but one information line blank. The PIN line will have a number in it, automatically assigned by the program. (You may not be able to see this line without scrolling down the Resident Information table.) The blinking cursor should be in the Last Name line at the left of the screen. If not, click on the line to the right of Last Name. Type Sync.
  3. Click on the next line down, First Name. Type Test.
  4. Click on the Save icon, third to the left of the Unit icon.
That's all that needs to be done to create this dummy resident.

The rest of the procedure is performed in the Guard Workstation program:
  1. After opening the Workstation, click on the gray Last Name box in the upper left of the screen. A Searching by: Last Name window will open. Type in Sync. The resident record for Test Sync will appear. Press the Enter key to exit the Searching by: Last Name window. Use the arrow key to move down to the Sync record. It will be then be highlighted in red.
  2. Click on the peach colored ADD NEW VISITOR button along the bottom of the screen (or press F9). A Personal Information window will open. Type Monday (or whatever day it is) in the Last Name box, and type Morning (or other time) in the First Name box. Click on the Save button along the bottom of the window (or press F6). Click on the Cancel button on the far right bottom of the window to return to the Workstation screen (or press Esc key).
  3. The new visitor now appears in the visitor box at the left of the screen. The synchronization can now begin. It will be successful if Test Sync's visitor, Monday Morning, is listed on all Workstations.
It is important that the phone connections not be changed. Doing so will cause the system not to work.
In order to extend the usable life of your access control computer equipment, here are some important points to consider.
  1. Clean the computer at least twice a year. Wipe the surfaces of the computer, and, more importantly, used compressed air to clean the dust from the front and back of the CPU. Compressed air can also be used on the keyboard. Clean the surface of the monitor with a soft cloth. Vacuum the floor around the computer.
  2. The best case scenario is to put the computer CPU on a small shelf so that does not sit directly on the floor.
  3. Try to keep liquids away from the keyboard. A spill could kill it!
  4. Keep your anti-virus up to date. Viruses can be devastating.
  5. Do Windows Updates regularly. These updates can also protect your computer and it programs for external attack.
It is advisable to change the user name and password in the GateHouse Solutions Administrator program that affects access to both the Administrator and the Workstation programs. You can add, as well as delete, users. Different passwords should be assigned to each user, and users can be assigned different levels of access.

To add a new user:
  1. Open the Administrator program.
  2. Click on the Setup icon in the upper left area of the screen. An Options window will open.
  3. Click on the Users tab at the top right of the window.
  4. Click on the New button at the top right of the User tab window.
  5. Highlight the words 'New User' in the User name box at the left of the screen. (To highlight, put the cursor at the beginning of the words, left click and drag the mouse to the right.)
  6. Type the new user name in the box.
  7. Move cursor to the Password box and click. Type the user's password. Only dots will appear.
  8. Now you can decide the level of access for the new user. The four tabs in the middle of the window allow you to assign various levels of access. Click on each tab and check each box that you want to apply to the new user. NOTE: Every option (full access) is granted to 'Master', the default user name and password in the Administrator program. While only the highest level of administrative personnel should be allowed complete access, make sure at least one user is given this full access.
  9. Now click on the Save button.
That completes the process of adding a new user. In order to delete a user name, simply click the down arrow in the box of user names at the top of the window. Highlight the user name you wish to delete, then click the Del button. A small 'Are you sure' window will appear. Click on Yes.